WM donates gloves for the local government to fight COVID-19

In order to continue helping with the pandemic, WM Group have been donated gloves to the local government. It’s our obligation to help to stop the COVID-19 virus as soon as possible.

The town of Fengting, in Xianyou, has been classified as COVID-19 high risk area, and 3 more villages  nearby as medium-risk areas in Putian, so all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and tutoring institutions were suspended and starting a 14-day health monitoring.

Putian’s COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters have advised residents not to leave the city unless absolutely neccesary.

Operations at indoor venues such as bars, museums and movie theaters have been suspended.

Putian city government officials said at news conference that the viral genome sequencing of cases in the outbreak is ongoing and the virus has been preliminary identified as the higly infectious Delta variant.

We are proud to help in this difficult situation…and WM gloves will still do whenever is neccesary!

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